Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry refers to any dental procedures that involve the use of a laser. Common laser dentistry procedures include oral surgery or periodontal treatment. It has been shown that dental lasers are safe for both children and adults. The advantages of laser dentistry include the following:

• Minimal or no anesthesia
• Minimal bleeding
• More controlled swelling
• Reduced postoperative infection/discomfort
• Less chance of infection
• Reduced time in dentist’s office
• Less pain
• A more sterilized environment (dental laser kills bacteria)
• For the treatment of canker sore and herpes lesions,
• The laser can actually decrease the pain experienced by these sores.


Laser Dentistry Procedures and Effects

Laser dentistry allows for the treatment of gum disease at any earlier stage. In addition, it can be useful to pregnant women and people with debilitating medical conditions. While there is no guarantee of total “pain free laser dentistry”, discomfort is greatly reduced. Dental laser treatment, often referred to as laser periodontal treatment, works well for treating canker sores and bacterial infections around teeth and gums.

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