What Is A Digital Smile Design?

A smile design, often referred to by the public as a smile makeover, is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles. With the help of computer software, we can even simulate and visualize your future smile! Smile designs can do wonders to fully restore your dental health and appearance regardless of the original state of your existing teeth. The smile is very complex and requires careful planning to come up with an individual smile design for each patient. Before any procedure is started, the patient can help modify and correct the computer simulation, until he/she is perfectly satisfied with the planned outcome. This greatly removes the anxiety and apprehension of the end result.

Digital Smile Design Ottawa


A Perfect Smile Every Time

With the use of the computer software used for a digital smile design our patients always leave with a beautifully, white smile every time. We include our patients and their input thorughout the design process, as it is your smile and you need to love it.¬†Contact the Triadent Dental Bells Corners team today for any questions or to book your appointment today to get the smile you’re always wanted.

Get The Smile You Have Always Wanted