What Is Air Abrasion?

Air abrasion is a wonderful alternative to traditional dental filling techniques. Using a stream of air and aluminum oxide particles, the air abrasion system gently removes minor tooth decay without the need for injections or drilling! Our patients love it!

Air abrasion is also an essential part of any white filling procedure. This will insure that your restoration is strong, well bonded to the tooth, and will last for many, many years!

Ottawa Dental Surgery Sedation for Root Canals

Don’t Fear The Dentist

With air abrasion there is no need to fear going to the Ottawa dentist. Many patients worry that they will have a cavity and will need a filling – which requires drilling. Drilling a tooth can be quite scary, with air abrasion this is eliminated. Air abrasion allows the dentist to remove tooth decay using a powerful stream of air instead of a drill. This eliminates many of the scary factors associated with going to the dentist.

If you aren’t the biggest fan of going to the dentist air abrasion may change that. Contact the Triadent Dental Bells Corners team today for any questions or to book your appointment today.

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