Why Choose Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Many times in order to repair a damaged tooth with a crown, people lose a lot of their natural teeth. In the case of traditional dental crowns and bridges, around 75% of the tooth is shaved down. The tooth a person is born with becomes a mere peg. Over time, this can shorten the life of the teeth and require unnecessary root canals. Book a consultation in Ottawa West today.

Dr. Gaudet has always practiced minimally invasive dentistry because she believes in preserving as much of a person’s natural tooth as possible. This is a large belief of Dr. Gaudet’s because it is a healthier, more unique means of treatment that looks better and more natural. Using dental onlays and the latest in porcelain veneers not only preserves your natural tooth structure, but it also restores your smile with superior dental aesthetics.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Ottawa
Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Stop Fearing The Dentist

Although most people like to have them made in porcelain for cosmetic reasons, as we can match the colour of your existing teeth, when it comes to health, gold is just as appropriate. A porcelain onlay covers at least one cusp of the tooth and most or all of the chewing surface, strengthening the tooth so it will not fracture. One advantage of porcelain onlays is that they preserve more of the natural tooth structure. If the tooth’s structure is healthy, it is usually best to leave as much of it in your mouth as possible.

Minimally invasive dentistry Ottawa allows you to hold on to the teeth you have with the correct use of better porcelain, advanced adhesives and stronger materials. Contact the Triadent Dental Bells Corners team today for any questions or to book your family-friendly appointment today.

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