Fear Around Dental Visits

How to Reduce Fear and Stress around Dental Visits

Do you fear going to the dentist? Does the thought of drills, scraping, needles or probing make you cringe with anxiety? If so, you’re not alone. It’s reported that somewhere between 10% to 20% of the North American population avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear. That means that another significant amount…

Bad Food For Teeth

Foods That Stain Your Teeth And How To Enjoy Them Guilt-Free

1) Citrus And Acidic Fruits Though delicious and packed with nutrients, the same chemical compounds that produce the distinct sourness of citrus fruits can leave you with food stained teeth! If you’re a fan of lemonade, enjoy sour lime’s with a variety of your favorite summertime drinks, or are a big fan of orange slices…

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Holistic Approaches To Oral Health

Caring for your oral health is about more than brushing, flossing, and regularly booking cleanings. While good practices, these efforts only comprise the active methods for caring for your oral health.

As part of a holistic approach to oral care, it’s worthwhile to also understand how to passively care for your health. Even the best and most consistent active practices aren’t enough to guarantee 100% oral health!

Consider the following passive measures that you can take to guarantee optimal oral health!

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Are You Making Any of These 5 Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes?

Dentists recommend that you floss and brush twice a day, but these efforts are all for naught if you happen to make one or more of these common dental hygiene mistakes. Brushing frequently is no doubt a good thing, but even when brushing twice a day, practicing bad habits can harm your teeth. Consider some of the common mistakes we at Triadent see our clients making on a regular basis:

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4 Common Procedures We Can Help You Get Through More Comfortably

When you think of going to the Ottawa dentist, most think of regular cleanings. Scaling, polishing, and sealing are undoubtedly the most popular procedures dental patients are familiar with; a run-of-the-mill experience that rarely warrant much anxiety. It’s the not-so frequent procedures that can cause many patients to lose sleep in the days and weeks…